A major part of our success:
When our partners are successful.

When it comes to our investments we focus on the essentials: companies with growth potential. We are constantly screening the market in order to discover at an early stage innovative startups and trends in which an investment is lucrative. Usually we finance ideas of the “first hour” or we join shortly after the founding as a partner for strategic, operative and logistical challenges. In this phase the value generation is the greatest, and at Effinance we can provide the biggest impact with our know-how. Some call it “early stage investment”. We call it the most promising way to create value.

Our investment horizon lies exactly in the time interval in which a startup can grow into a medium-sized or large company: usually two to five years. During this time, a close collaboration with the management is not only preferable, but essential.

Our aim in all investments is that all parties should benefit from the cooperation. Only if both the investors and the company can win equally in the long term, we will have success.